Friday Sept. 09: Recovery of the Mini-Z !!

17-18 Sept: MOTO RC & MCD race !!

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The grisière track is open all week from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., a code is provided to you when you become a CAMM licensee, This code allows you to ride in complete autonomy (Access to the stand, Track, Podium, blower, point of toilet water).

Because R/C model making must be accessible to everyone, the CAMM allows access to all the infrastructures for people with reduced mobility, in particular thanks to an elevator allowing access to the podium, a retractable podium which allows a view without inconvenience to the driver, and latest equipment to date, a lifting table allowing access from the car park to the pits without a slope.

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About Club Auto Models Maconnais

Since 1984, the year CAMM appeared in the official journal, the Club Auto Models Maconnais has continued to grow and evolve.


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Route de la grisière 71000 Macon

07 72 33 71 48

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